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JTBYJT Collection | BAFWeek | Buenos Aires (ARG) | By Michael Gannon

After the impressive Dubie Collection show at Designers Week, Michael Gannon caught the JTBYJT show at the beautiful “Club atletico Atlanta club’. The room was filled with neon lights and huge mirrors reflecting the vibrant colours of the garments during the runway show.

To view all the coverage of the Buenos Aires Fashion Week check out their website or head over to the IDMCo Instagram.


Dubie Collection | Designers week | Buenos Aires (ARG) | By Michael Gannon

As part of our coverage of the Buenos Aires Fashion Week IDMCo's Michael Gannon attended the Dubie Collection show at Designers Week at the Esmeralda building in central Buenos Aires.

To view all the coverage of the Buenos Aires Fashion Week check out their website or head over to the IDMCo Instagram.


April in Lobos, Province of Buenos Aires (ARG) | By Michael Gannon

To view more of Michael's trip to Lobos head over to the IDMCO Instagram.


Turmali Oficial | Spring/Summer 2017 Collection | Buenos Aires, ARG | By Michael Gannon

This week I had the pleasure of working with independent jewellery maker Caro Alvarez of Turmali Oficial. For their Spring/Summer 2017 campaign we used the beautiful space of a small apartment/pool in the San Martin, Buenos Aires area. Here's a few stills from the day.

Check out the Turmali Oficial Spring/Summer 17 collection here.


Infrared NYC | Paolo Pettigiani | New York (USA) | By Lee Fleming

Taken in May 2016, the Infrared NYC is a photography series by Italian grapic designer and photographer Paolo Pettigiani which caught the IDMCo team's attention for all the right reasons. Torino-based Pettigiani offers a refreshing perspective on New York through his series of fine art prints which capture iconic views including the Big Apple as seen from Central Park. The Infrared NYC series uses infrared digital photography to capture only the light that we can't see resulting in pink-hued portraits of places that are familiar yet look yet fantastical. Pettigiani explains the process of capturing the Infrared NYC photography on his Behance:

Plants that have chlorophyll, such as grass, leaves and trees, strongly reflect this invisible infrared light. The Chlorophyll is reflected by plant for the 20% on the green, visible to the human eyes, the other 80% is reflected on the infrared spectrum that we can’t see. With the infrared digital photography, using a special filter in front fo the lens, I have blocked the visible light capturing only the invisible. Other elements as sphalt, bricks, water and other surfaces do not reflect the infrared light so the keep the same colors.

About two years ago I started working with infrared photography, shooting landscapes near Turin, my hometown. My first experimental series was taken in winter time and was focused on the contrast between the snow and the color of nature. Talking about infrared, this is the first real project as a mean of artistic expression. What I like of this kind of photography is to make visible something invisible. My aim is to show something recognizable under a new unexpected and personal point of view.

View more of Pettigiani's Infrared NYC photography series on his website and/or Instagram.

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