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“A map must be designed foremost with consideration to the audience and its needs.”
— Arthur H. Robinson, Cartographer

Our next map will be of Buenos Aires, Argentina.Coming soon in 2017.

As modern cartographers, we seek to find common ground between traditional cartography and the geographies of the digital age in order to research, design and curate our bespoke city maps. Each IDMC° Map aims to illustrate the spatial, social and cultural relationships that exist between independent businesses and cities. We believe that cartography is a historical and primarily visual form of communication, mirroring the increasingly visual platforms of today.

Our approach to map-making is inspired by Arthur H. Robinson's 'mapmaker’s understanding' and we hope that our maps will be used as an alternative means through which to explore a city. Each IDMC° map focuses on local knowledge and insight in order to promote a selection of the best independent businesses. Ultimately, we seek to celebrate and support the community of artisans, craftsmen, baristas, chefs and shopkeepers that thrive in each city across the globe. 

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