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The Barn Roastery

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Since opening in September 2012, The Barn Roastery has gained a reputation amongst Berlin’s coffee aficionados. Housed in The Barn Cafe in the heart of Berlin's gallery district, The Barn Roastery takes coffee very seriously and prefers to be addressed as taste lab rather than a coffee shop. With a green policy, the lab aims to source and roast some of the best coffees available from around the world with 'sustainability and traceability' in mind to deliver quality coffee that best represents their origin and natural flavour. To ensure a memorable experience, the brew bar showcases different brew techniques and seasonal blends alongside a brief and uncomplicated menu.

The Barn Roastery is where passion and artistry meets state of the art technology, exemplified by the completely modernised vintage 1955 Probat roast machine that features Cropster roast profiling software. With a dedication to taste and brightness, The Barn Roastery always use freshly roasted coffee beans and their extensive brewing knowledge quietly ensures the quality of each cup; each barista works within specific guidelines and is always willing to impart their wisdom and give advice on your brew.

With an intense commitment to their craft, every variable of the coffee making process has been considered, scrutinised and tested in order to devise barista guidelines. The water used is filtered and re-mineralised by a Reverse Osmosis System to not only improve taste but to also keep the machinery as clean as possible. Milk is sourced from one of a few remaining farmers in Northern Germany and the Brodowin milk is pasteurised and delivered within 24 hours, from cow to cup. As for sugar, generally frowned upon as a result of its ability to mask natural flavours, there is Whole Cane Sugar, a dried and unrefined natural sugarcane juice.

Considered bold by some, The Barn Roastery are clearly dedicated to the coffee experience and have even barred music and limited laptop usage to ensure that the space, and the drink, can be fully appreciated and enjoyed.

To find out more about The Barn Roastery or to purchase some of their Berlin roasted coffee, visit them online

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday
8:30am – 6:00pm
Saturday - Sunday
10:00 am – 6:00 pm

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U Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (Berlin)

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Schönhauser Allee

Words by Lee Fleming

Photography by Gabriel Tamez