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Nordic Bakery

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Based in Soho’s Golden Square, The Nordic Bakery brings traditional Scandinavian treats to the heart of London. The glass fronted coffee shop, hard to miss with the words 'Dark Rye Bread, Cinnamon Buns, and Coffee' inscribed on the minimalist exterior, draws in passers-by and morning commuters with the irresistible scent of homemade cinnamon buns and freshly baked pastries.

Opened in 2007, the Nordic Bakery is the creation of Jali Wahlsten and business partner Missa Mink, who left behind successful business careers to create a Nordic cultural and culinary experience in the West End of London. Inside, the small but spacious cafe is an ideal meeting place away from the noise of the city, its interior poised between functional design and minimalism. The design of the cafe is based on the owners’ belief that a beautiful space creates a sense of harmony and encourages its inhabitants to enjoy their everyday lives. The carefully selected furnishings and tablewares are set to summon up nostalgia in Scandinavians, elegantly created by Finnish designers Kaj Franck, Alvar Aalto and Ilmari Tapiovaara.

Based on traditional recipes and ingredients, the cafe’s menu features open rye bread sandwiches, cinnamon buns, blueberry and lingonberry muffins, Karelian pies, oven pancakes and ‘tiger’ and ‘tosca’ cakes, all complemented with artisan coffee. Suited up in denim aprons and black polo shirts, Nordic's knowledgeable and attentive staff are on hand to assist according to your particular tastes.

Nordic Bakery goods aren’t just to be enjoyed in the cafe; there’s a takeaway service on hand, and with a Nordic Bakery Cookbook beside you it’s possible to try to recreate the menu in the comfort of your own home. The cafe’s focus on lasting quality is borne out by cooking you’ll want to taste again and again.  

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 8:00pm
9:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday (Inc Bank Holidays)
10:00am – 7:00pm

Nearest Train Station
Oxford Street Circus (Underground Tube)

Nearest Bus Station
Regent Street

Words by Lee Fleming

Photography by Michael Gannon
Taken with a Nikon D800