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Born out of a love of beer, Mikkeller is a microbrewery based in Copenhagen's Vesterbro district. Starting from humble beginnings, the brewery now sells their beers in over 40 countries around the world. Mikkeller started in 2006 when maths and physics teacher, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, began to experiment with hops, malt and yeast from his kitchen alongside childhood friend Kristian Keller.

Armed with a good knowledge of international microbreweries and inspired by the extreme hoppyness of stateside beer, the pair bought a few American books about brewing and started grinding malt in the basement of their apartment complex. Following a series of blind tastings at beer club gatherings, Mikkel and Kristian started to create their own recipes before entering home brewing contests including the prestigious national Danish beer festival where they were very well recieved. After two and a half years of kitchen experiments, Mikkel and Kristian began brewing beer on a large scale at Danish microbrewery Ørbæk. Their big breakthrough came about at the 2006 Danish Beer Festival when Mikkel and Kristian were approached by, and signed a deal with, American beer distributor, Shelton Brothers.

The Mikkeller bar in Viktoriagade opened in April 2010 following Mikkeller’s first establishment Mikkeller & Friends. Mikkel and Kristian had a clear vision for the bar and aimed to create a space where high quality beer is complemented by contemporary design. With the help of Danish design studio, Femmes Regionales, the pair created a space that combined the classic interior of an old Danish pub with modern design.

The below street level bar is accessed through cellar style doors and inside sit large wooden tables and benches overlooking a huge blackboard chalked up with the vast array of brews. In the summer months, Mikkeller offer outdoor seating at the front of the bar, the perfect spot to people watch with friends on warm evenings.

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Sunday - Wednesday
1:00pm - 1:00am
Thursday - Friday
2:00pm - 2:00am
12:00noon - 2:00am

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Words by Lee Fleming

Photography by Michael Gannon
Camera: Nikon D800

“If there is something a bit solemn to a place, people won’t bang their fists in the tables and empty their glasses in one sip, but behave in a different manner. We like to demand something from our audience – beauty generates beauty.”