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In May 2015, contemporary menswear outfitters ITK opened the ITK KIT store in the Latvian capital, Riga. Located in the city centre, between Old and New town, ITK KIT presents a well-chosen selection of familiar brands alongside lesser known labels, blending premium streetwear and urban outdoor wear with heritage classics.

Founded by Artem Belikov, Nikita Lashin and Mikhail Osipov having previously spent 7 years at the helm at Russian retailer FOTT, the trio decided to start ITK on their own. Alongside the ITK KIT store is the company's bar in Kaluga called HLSTK and ITK Brotherhood, a full-service agency encompassing brand strategy, product marketing, wholesale sales and PR services. ITK Brotherhood's brand portfolio includes Kommon Universe, Le-Fix, Life's a Beach, Orsman and Sarva.

ITK KIT's impressive brand list includes Barbour, Armor-Lux, C.P Company, Norse Projects, Patagonia, Wood Wood and Universal Works alongside footwear favourites Adidas, Nike and New Balance. Hard to found labels such as Kenneth Mackenzie's 6876, Manastash and TSPTR furthers ITK's exclusive offering.

Speaking to Ildar Iksanov of the ITK team, he highly recommends some nearby neighbours; Labietis, a bar specialising in craft beer, bar VEST, a vegetarian restaurant called Miit and the Kanepe Culture Centre.


Opening Hours
Monday - Friday
11:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday - Sunday
12:00noon – 6:00pm

Nearest Train Station
Nacionālā opera (Tram Station)

Words by Lee Fleming

Photography by ITK Brotherhood