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Forever True Tattoo

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23 Cheapside
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The Forever True Tattoo studio is hidden away on Cheapside (just behind Dale Street) and offers classic and custom designs by resident tattooist and archivist Richie Clarke. Opened in 1995 and housed in an early 19th century townhouse once home to a Victorian wire manufacturers W Main A. & J. & Co, Forever True has kept to the rich tradition of tattooing art by paying homage to the inking legends of the late 19th and mid-20th centuries. In addition to paying tribute to Liverpool’s maritime history with traditional (and neotraditional) art, Clarke and his team reconstruct long-lost tattoo designs from the likes of Bert Grimm, Joseph Hartley, George Bigmore and Tom Berg.

Forever True Tattoo offers a thoughtful and heritage-based approach to classic electric tattooing; with impeccable research and strong links to the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, designs can be repainted with an expert hand to replicate how they would have appeared more than half a century ago. Clarke askes 'why spend hours trawling the internet when you could go home with a genuine piece of heritage on your arm? Every tattoo told a story, a seasoned veteran, a grieving son, a lost love, and it's no different now'.

The interior of the studio is littered with unusual pieces picked up by Clarke on his travels as well as local furnishings including a stag lamp from Coach House in Lancashire, antiques and an unmissable monkey sculpture.

Whether it’s something that you've always secretly wanted or whether you're already a tattoo addict, swing by Forever True to talk tattoos with Clarke and his knowledgeable team.

Opening Hours
12:00noon – 7:00pm

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Words by Lee Fleming

Photography by Mina Bihi
Taken with a Nikon D700

'A good tattoo is forever and should outlive the artist and client. I'm a craftsman first and foremost, not a fine artist, a folk artist maybe... part of a long line before me' - Richie Clarke