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Located in the Poblenou industrial neighbourhood of Barcelona, Folch is a design agency that specialises in contemporary editorial design, art direction, publicity, corporative image, website and film.

Founded in 2004, Folch is directed and managed by Albert Folch, one of Spain’s most talented graphic designers who originally studied Geology at Autonoma University of Barcelona before turning to graphic design and photography in Belgium. Folch is a surprisingly small, tight-knit team consisting of Folch’s business partner Rafa Martinez alongside highly experienced staff including Senior designer and copywriter Francisca Torres, graphic designer Carlota Castells and editor Vincenzo Angileri, who focuses on the studio’s most ambitious project to date; The Eldorado Experience project which having started out as a surf funzine now features all outdoors sports both in print and digital.

As self-initiated projects go, Eldorado Experience is an apt publishing project for surf enthusiast Folch; an editorial platform that showcases individual stories related to nature, travel, adventure and outdoor sports. It’s already seen Folch and Barcelona-based photographer Dizy Diaz visit Panama and Morocco, designer Alex Prieto freewheeling in Asia and Jean-Marc Joseph explores the TransAlp.

Proficient yet eager, the design studio has efficaciously balanced corporate and fashion, stimulating and serious simultaneously throughout all stages of creation, from conception to implementation. Folch’s portfolio is both extensive and impressive; featuring a variety of local and international clients and projects such as Desigual, Camper, Massimo Dutti and Fucking Young magazine, as well as initiating their own widely celebrated publications such as Apartamento Magazine which Folch conceived together with Nacho Alegre and Omar Sosa and Odiseo magazine, a volume that focuses on sophisticated erotic photography and adult entertainment. Odiseo has been widely recognised as a great success in independent publishing with it's last issue selling out in a matter of weeks. Folch has organically evolved into a graphic design agency working with the methodologies of an agency.

Inside, Folch boasts a high and spacious office, with sea views and plenty of sunlight piercing into the waterside workspace. Folch entrusted Barcelona-based architectural firm Arquitectura-G to help redefine the studio which was formerly the warehouse of a company who designed, distributed and sold Disney products. The well-oriented space is mirror reflection of the studio’s philosophy, allowing the team to deliver courageous yet refined creative ideas.

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Words by Lee Fleming

Photography by Jose Hevia