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Dry is a creative studio located on Upplandsgatan, a leafy road that runs through the Norrmalm and Vasastan districts of Stockholm. Founded by designers Jenny Kȁstel Tavassoli and Johan Fredlund in 2012, the pair aim to reflect their own way of living through the varied selection of beautiful and sustainable objects presented in the Dry Things space.

Residing in a former umbrella repair store and upholstering workshop, the Dry studio also acts as a showroom for customers to browse the in-house Dry Things label as well as an office for Dry Creative Projects, the creative partner to the brand. Inside, workbenches are stacked with printed examples, wall-mounted posters and stationary and a wooden bookcase filled with design and photography publications runs across the rear wall. Scattered around the studio are publications from the likes of Ilford, Inventory Magazine, Kinfolk and Men’s file.

As a creative design team, Dry occasionally collaborate with others who share their commitment to good design and sustainability and former collaborations have resulted in local products made using only ecological processes and sustainable materials. The Dry Things collection has naturally grown since its first product The Poster Soup, a typographic print of recipe for oysters and lentil soup (they took the latter recipe from The Owl and Pussycat in Shoreditch, London) and now includes a selection of prints and posters, handmade soap and a copper hanging rack. Our favourite pick is the beautiful leather bag collection created by Dry Things in collaboration with Swedish vegetable tanning and saddlery Tärnsjö Garveri, who have been preserved the tradition of handcrafted leather since 1873.

A business of two halves, the Dry Creative Projects is the agency that coexists alongside Dry Things and boasts an impressive client list including Mistral (Sweden’s first restaurant to focus on organic gastronomy), Adidas, Gant and Helly Hanson.

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Words by Lee Fleming

Photography by Mike Gannon