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Drop Coffee is an award-winning roaster located on Wollmar Yxkullsgatan, a strip that runs through the heart of Stockholm's Södermalm neighbourhood.

Serving up sustainably grown and traded coffee, the blends are first roasted off-site by co-founders and chief roasters Joanna Alm and Erik Rosendahl at their 200sqm roastery on Vretenborgsvagen. The Nordic coffee bar first opened in Mariatorget in 2009 after the duo discovered how to source coffee directly from its origin and now Drop Coffee actively works with coffee producing countries to bring worldwide blends directly to their Södermalm store.

It is important to Alm and Rosendahl that they are aware of a bean's origin, growing environment and altitude so that they can anticipate the coffee’s outcome and flavour. To ensure a sustainable and environmentally aware source, Drop Coffee are in partnership with Nordic Approach, the Oslo-based green coffee importer founded by coffee veterans Morton Wennersgaard and Tim Wendelboe who only source fair-trade and high quality coffee beans.

At the Drop Coffee roastery the pair trial various varieties of beans and roasting methods to achieve optimum flavour and taste. Rosendahl explains, 'a coffee bean can produce 800 different possible aromas, twice as many compared to a grape for wine'. A passion for coffee runs through the Drop Coffee team that includes celebrated baristas Oskar Alvérus (Swedish Barista Cup champion 2013) and Alexander Ruas (Swedish Barista Cup champion 2011), who can be found at the coffee bar in leafy Mariatorget. At the store, the Baristas wear Sandqvist aprons and are trained to guide you through each coffee on offer to suit your tastes; on our trip we spotted blends from coffee growing hotspots such as Nyarusiza (Rwanda), Wote Konga (Ethiopia), Las Ranas (El Salvador) and Kii (Kenya).

The interior is rustic, clean and uncomplicated, and a custom La Marzocco coffee machine takes centre stage on the counter. Alongside the machine sit a laboratory-like mixture of brewing equipment, parts and shelving stacked with test tubes filled with various coffee beans. The space is separated into small rooms and filled with wooden furniture, bean sacks and images of the Drop Coffee café and roastery taken by photographer and Drop Coffee Barista, Alexander Ruas.

The store also stocks some of the best brewing equipment with a focus on manual brewing and filter coffee, expect to see paraphernalia from brands such as Kalita, AeroPress and Chemex, all available for purchase. Don't leave without picking up a bag of Drop Coffee to take home with branded packaging designed by Swede Simon Alander.

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday
7:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday - Sunday
10:00am - 5:00pm

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Mariatorget T-bana

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Wollmar Yxkullsgatan

Words by Lee Fleming

Photography by Mike Gannon