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Concrete Matter

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Located in Amsterdam's Jordaan district, Haarlemmerdijk is an extension of Haarlemmerstraat, a street crammed full with independent boutiques, speciality stores, affordable and charming restaurants and the oldest cinema in Amsterdam. A short stroll away from Spanish delicatessen Hollandaluz and the Stout restaurant is Concrete Matter, a gift emporium in the heart of the capital. Founded by three young locals, graphic designer Tim Boelaars, former FOAM curator Jacob Garvelink and entrepreneur Tomas Huveneers, the trio opened Concrete Matter in early 2012.

The brand started life as an online store that aimed to reflect the trio's taste for useful, durable and beautiful products. Every aspect of the business is neatly covered by each founder, Boelaars is responsible for branding, photography and marketing, Garvelink is in charge of curation and inventory and Huveneers acts as the mastermind behind logistics and accounts. After gaining a loyal online, the co-founders decided to realise their ambition and open a physical space to house their handpicked collection. Once the trio found a spot on Haarlemmerdijk, they worked around the clock for six gruelling weeks before Concrete Matter opened its doors in August 2013.

An old photograph of the store taken between 1930- 1950 when the building was a cigar warehouse was the inspiration behind the Concrete Matter storefront, constructed from handcrafted oakwood. Inside, the store is filled with miscellaneous tools, gadgets and compelling curiosities including items from Herb Lester, Paines, D.R. Harris and Edwin Jagger. On our visit we spotted collections of knives, vintage globes and maps, shoe care treatments, taxidermy, lithography and personal care products.

The store is a life-sized cabinet of curiosities; a vintage motorbike sits in the centre of the store and is surrounded by shelving, tabletops and vintage suitcases overflowing with books, taxidermy, anatomy, school charts, and antiques. Each item tells a unique story and no two pieces are the same.

Opening Hours
1:00pm - 6:00pm
Tuesday - Saturday
10:00am - 6:00pm
Noon - 5:00pm

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Amsterdam, Haarlemmerplein

Words by Lee Fleming

Photography by Tim Boelaars