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Burro e Salvia

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52 Redchurch Street
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As off-the-shelf fast food quickly becomes the norm, it's refreshing to see local artisans making their own fresh produce and investing time in the production process. Sat along the once decaying Redchurch Street in London's East End is Burro E Salvia, a traditional pastificio (Italian for fresh pasta deli) run by former food PR and communications aficionado Gaia Enria.

Enria founded Burro E Salvia in 2013 after deciding that the time was right to honour one of Italy's traditional artisan trades by opening a pastificio presenting authentic, freshly prepared pasta using locally sourced and Italian ingredients.

Burro E Salvia is built upon an traditionally Italian approach to food and the deli is largely centred upon methods of preparation. Originally from Turin in Northern Italy, Enria wanted to use her Piedmonte heritage by returning to basics and highlighting the daily process of food preparation using staple ingredients (hence the name, Burro E Salvia or, butter and sage). The open plan pastificio encourages customers to watch and appreciate the small rituals and craftsmanship involved in making good quality pasta and Burro E Salvia also encourages active public participation through their workshop series.

The interior of the deli is inspired by a traditional Italian kitchen yet has a contemporary and clean design. The space is thoughtfully set out, fresh pasta is stored in custom-made cooling counters and a small back room, featuring reused pasta-making tables, accommodates lunchtime diners.

On our visit, we were greeted by the Sfogline (women who make pasta). Francesca, Emanuela, Patrizia and Valentina led by Enria, all prepare the pasta by hand using family recipes that have been passed down through generations. The stylish staff also showcase the best of functional Piedmont design and wear uniforms designed exclusively for Burro E Salvia by Turin based fashion label Serienumerica.

Each week expect something different as the ever-changing menu constantly adapts to suit the availability of local ingredients; dishes often include simple classics such as Tagliatelle, Pappardelle, Gnocchi and Tajarin as well as more adventurous Ravioli fillings. Burro E Salvia's creations are also available to take away but chef Luca Seminara's lunchtime dishes are best enjoyed inside the pastificio where you can watch the team at work.

Roll your sleeves up and don't miss the in-store workshops that range from 'The basics: Orecchiette & more' to 'Filled pasta: Ravioli'. Ask in store for details.

Opening Hours
Monday - Saturday
11:00am – 7:00pm
11:00am – 5:00pm
Lunch is served daily 12.00am - 3.00pm

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Words by Lee Fleming

Photography by Michael Gannon